Today more than 500 IT enthusiasts are proud to perform for core market players with billions of turnover. Our genius developed tools to serve millions of clients and make 10K transactions every single day. Obsessed with technology we build smart systems to support big e-commerce or technical catalogs like eBay or Amazon. We are a company of a full cycle. Our work with a catalog includes data processing, DB architecture, UX/UI architecture of the catalog, unit testing, development, testing, filling import with data and media, integration of the catalog into CRM, billing & shipping system, ERP in compliance with ANSI. So no matter how you want to attract the target audience or how many products you offer and what their complexity is, you are just one step from the revenue you could not even dream about. So say ‘yes’ to the ultimate e-?ommerce experience, cause we are ambitious IT trend-setters. We are Oltis. We challenge perfection with innovation.

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