Wrinkle box is a Branding agency and product design. Our story: WrinkleBox started when our team realized that in the face of life challenges, we all need to have our sources of inspiration right in front of our eyes. So, why don’t we create products that remind people about the sayings they find inspiring? And that how WrinkleBox was born. Why Wrinkle: wrinkles will always be associated to wisdom, older people have wrinkles, the human brain is wrinkled, and you wrinkle paper as you try to develop an idea. The question was, what products are easily used as a reminder, and what quotes do people look for? We started with bookmarks that can be put into your favorite book, or hung on a mirror or wherever you can see them. We also looked into the wisdom accumulated throughout human history and put a good volume of quotations from various walks of life. Look up our products to see if we got your favorite quote.

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