Service: 3PL

Regal Logistics

Regal Logistics has performed well on the several indicators that the client tracks, which has motivated the client to expand their engagement to a second warehouse. Their team stands out for its responsiveness and willingness to provide solutions. Overall, they’re excellent in customer service.

Industrie Reply

Industrie Reply dedicates capable resources with skillsets that align with various projects, ensuring the projects’ successful executions. The team produces deliverables that satisfy internal stakeholders. Their communication, timeliness, and flexibility support an ongoing partnership.

LightSpeed Automation

Aside from improving internal efficiency and reducing costs, LightSpeed Automation delivered significant peace of mind during a period of growth and expansion. Their responsiveness was notable, as was their transparency during the sales process. Customers can expect a committed partner.

ShipBob, Inc.

ShipBob, Inc. has played a pivotal role in helping the startup build their e-commerce brand. They take 3PL services to the next level by not only fulfilling orders quickly but also sharing their expertise in the logistics industry. The trustworthy team facilitates a close partnership.