Service: Email Marketing


Thanks to the efforts of the SocialSEO team, the company has been able to maintain their dominant ad placements compared to their competition. The company was most impressed by how much work actually goes into each campaign and how the team stays on top of all of it.


While the work is ongoing, Searchbloom has helped the client rank in four more keywords. They have a solid project management process, and they’re responsive, leading to an ongoing partnership.

Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies solved the client’s issues quickly, demonstrating their impressive expertise. They provided excellent work and over-delivered at a reasonable cost, satisfying the client. Their transparency and adherence to the project timeline further ensured a smooth process.

Ignite Visibility

Thanks to Ignite Visibility, the client has significantly improved their domain authority, website traffic, and number of users. Also, they’ve positively impacted scalability by saving them 10–13 hours each week. They provide constant reports and use Monday to manage the project and communicate.


While it’s too early to disclose any results, the client has been impressed with 120/80’s work. The team leverages their in-depth knowledge and expertise in coming up with effective marketing tactics that are aligned with the client’s goals. They are strategic, reliable, and communicative.

Direct Online Marketing

In just 60 days, Direct Online Marketing quadrupled the qualified leads and maximized ad spend. They communicate seamlessly through weekly meetings and provides progress updates regularly. They have gone above and beyond, respond quickly, and do exactly what was contracted with them.


Thanks to HawkSEM’s efforts, site traffic more diverse. They were willing to play an independent role and functioned with very little guidance. They understood difficult concepts and maintained an appropriate level of communication.


SmartSites went the extra mile with their web development to ensure that the client’s needs were met. They also led a flexible process and gave follow-up to the team’s changes requests. Their knowledgeable and experienced workforce was also key to the engagement’s success.