Service: IT Services


Since partnering with TechMD, the client has experienced 100% system uptime. The team largely stays on task, responding promptly to tickets and implementing fixes within the set timeframe.

Iron Range Cyber

Iron Range Cyber successfully meets the cybersecurity requirements of the client. They are easily accessible and communicative, and they have a swift workflow. Their detailed approach sets them apart.

Southport Technology Group

Southport Technology Group’s work meets all client needs. The new system is 100% effective at transferring files into Dropbox and Salesforce. The team is efficient, hardworking, and reliable. Southport Technology Group is a committed vendor that delivers results.


Imagis has been a strategic partner for the client due to their IT knowledge and tailored approach. They’re always ready to take on new projects putting together the appropriate team for the task. Additionally, they’re very helpful in scoping projects and discussing cutting-edge ideas and solutions.


“They were great at coming up with new designs and ideas.”


“We’re truly amazed by their ability to capture our needs and translate them into a working brand.”

Haefele Software

“They were very collaborative and they genuinely listen to the client and that was exceptional.”