Service: Logistics & Supply Chain Consulting

Nashville Supply Chain Consulting

Nashville Supply Chain Consulting’s optimization strategies have saved the client $200,000 and cut their lead time by three and a half days. Nashville Supply Chain Consulting has great project management and a top-notch understanding of the client’s industry, a rarity for the consulting industry.


The internal stakeholders were pleased by the quality of the boards FLEX delivered for them, garnering a 98% success rate with the goal of 100%. They were impressed by the team’s ability to accomplish tasks on schedule, and their consistent transparency in the production phase.

“We appreciate their effective communication and top-notch logistics solutions.”

EuroBridge Shipping Services Ltd.

“Perfect. Honestly, you are one of the best Freight forwarders on the island! Consignments are always on time, very prompt and efficient service, and to make it even better, very competitive. Keep it up!”