Service: Shipping

CR Express Inc

Capable of delivering reliable shipment services, CR Express helped their client slash expenditures by 20%, leaving more room for profit and strategic budget allocation. Transparent and responsive, the team communicated any delays and provided in-depth explanations to keep the client in the loop.

BDP International

BDP International’s warehouse and inventory management systems are 100% accurate, and their lead time for shipments is only one day. Responsive and timely, the team communicates effectively through phone, email, and chat. Their accessibility and high performance stand out.

DB Schenker

DB Schenker’s streamlined logistics efforts and systematic management system continue to reward the client with well-managed shipments. Their adaptable and customer-centric team addresses the company’s exact needs without compromising products and timelines, resulting in a long-term engagement.

Next Global Logistics

MY CHOICE GLOBAL provides superb customer service and has excellent communication with the client. They stand out from other vendors the client has worked with, and they’re highly knowledgable about the shipping industry.

Transworld Shipping

The company is impressed with Transworld Shipping’s services. They can handle 100 containers in one booking, which is rare in the industry. The client also highlights the team’s ability to collaborate and work together to resolve any existing issues. Overall, the engagement is a success.