Service: Software Developers

BIT Studios

BIT Studios has lowered the client’s site’s loading and server response time, directly increasing their cart confirmation orders. Their excellent project management is also key to ensuring that the team’s expectations are met. The client also praised their involvement in the project to know their products.

AltSource Software

The automation feature introduced by AltSource Software has allowed the client to eliminate the need for manual emailing and reporting. Despite setbacks in the timeline, the team has been able to develop a tool with minor issues. The client appreciates their strong suit in creating accounting systems.

Woodridge Software

Beyond their quick turnaround times, Woodridge Software impresses with their ability to quickly grasp a product concept and build a working solution through strategic iterations. Their understanding of business goals allows them to prioritize tasks and work toward a functional solution.


Ventive was able to successfully deliver a viable product in the marketplace in a timely and cost-effective manner. The team strictly adheres to the given timeframes, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their ability to produce complex digital products.


Thanks to fjorge’s quick and efficient work, the client’s site is now operating as required. Their communicative process and solid project management are key to staying within the established deadlines and budgets. The team also praises their willingness and friendly approach to explaining every step of the process.


Stakeholders are happy with AndPlus’ work. The team is highly methodical and has a long-term mindset to any task. They’re systematic, so they consider all issues and challenges with their work. Their broader perspectives allow them to provide well-thought-out solutions for the company’s projects.

Eureka Software

The new mobile app has allowed the client to reach a wider, more inclusive audience. The client’s team can now prioritize other tasks now that the distribution platform has reduced their workload. Eureka Software has clear, smart, and succinct communication and a great feedback process.

Clock Limited

“Every Clock Limited team member I’ve interacted with is constructive, open, and caring.”


“They were flexible and challenged us to find the ideal solution for our business needs.”